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I’m trying to free your mind, but I can only show you the window. You’re the one that has to fly through it. As opposed to walking through the door, you have to learn to do something of which your mind’s been convinced is impossible. And of course it seems so from all possible angles, but that’s what has to be done. If you wish to think your own thoughts (base or not); you have to shun all else out. You have to consciously decide every waking minute, more so unconscious and subconscious minute, and to the utmost minute of detail what enters your mind. Else you’ll always accept what is imposed on you. You’ll forever be subject to being indoctrinated with someone else’s ideas; whose secret wish is to the worst for you, which it must be said is not death, cause as much as he/she/they benefit from your death, their ideology benefits a whole lot more from your selfish, teeming-with-feeble-thoughts, and ignorant life. If they’ve got you recording, never-mind accepting, and in constant reception of their ideas, eventually your life will, without your consent, lead others to the same shameful fate: aborting your soul.

Unlike the leaders of this world who get money, temporary power and the carnal pleasures of the world in exchange for their souls, we pay to abandon ours. We pay for TV licenses and plenty other fees related to the continual consumption of television, unawares that it’s the very tool, the single tool used to brainwash the masses, the distributor/manufacture of consent, we pay by buying music which is catchy, and brings contentment to the heart, easy on the tapping of the foot, or the bobbing of the head, but contains no influential content, it’s just a bunch of gibberish about cars, sex, money, alcohol and drugs. We pay by playing video games that are brutally and pointlessly violent, rife with sexual content, advocating all kinds of horrible behaviour on society. We do all these things just to get an opportunity to sell our souls. Except we don’t see this money hence we pay to lose our souls.


I thought selling one’s soul was a pathetic deal, but compared to paying to leave it like we all do, it’s the best option of the two.


Let’s bring it a little closer to home

Cause my heart’s a little too far from this ambition

See I love this place

Perhaps as much as I loathe this face [of earth, or BB]

Truthfully I have no intention of drowning my lust for the wo3RlD

I can’t see past my belief

And it’s the one that grants the pass for my looks

Cause I failed to shun yours away

Now I lie with my hand

Like I’m sleeping with a forger

God blesses the untouched

But the hands of time were ticking me off

Or could it have been the waiting

Sometimes I feel the weight of the salvation of my fellow people on my shoulders

Then I’m reminded of the two quarters of heart ripped out of me

Which forced me to complete my heart with boulders

Small wonder no one’s ever entered my home

The rock on my dome was also used to deceive believers at the door

And since I regard myself the first of these

Why do I cry when my thirst only leads to bees’ stings

I should be used to not getting honey

Girls don’t worship the floor

They want sweet guilty pleasures

Especially those bought with money

I want exactly that which you won’t give to me

A part of me believes it’s can’t

Won’t because you can’t, can’t because you won’t

Either one shows weakness

I should be sorry for stressing this

But I see no truth in normaltalk

None whatsoever in goodthink

If Big Brother is watching

Who’s got the courage not to weep and denounce your love for him?




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